Who is Richer Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Microsoft’s Bill Gate

bill gates vs jeff bezos

The question of who is richer between these two billionaires has risen in the past years. As they both seem to compete who takes top as the richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon.

The e-commerce platform is very large with lots of people and retailers selling products on Amazon. Jeff Bezos became a billionaire in 2017 when he surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.

In 2019 after his divorce from his wife Mackenzie Bezo, he lost around $35 billion to her. Microsoft Bill Gates emerged as the richest man again with about $119 billion. The current pandemic has helped Amazon bounce back as consumers turned to online sellers for necessary items.

The demand surged the growth of Amazon in the last few months. As the revenue topped over $88 billion, with better profits even though billions were spent on COVID-19 related investment.

The net worth of Amazon- Jeff Bezos is about $182 billion, he is about $62 billion wealthier than Microsoft – Bill Gates. In August, the Bloomberg Billionaires index published that Jeff Bezo’s net worth had crossed the $200 billion mark. Making him the first billionaire to cross the $200 billion.

Amazon is one of the largest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most costumers turned to amazon retailers for almost all household items. Bezos makes money every second on Amazon, alongside other investments.

Jeff Bezo’s Income Breakdown

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Besos is Amazon’s CEO, which makes him entitled to a basic salary and other compensation. Bezo receives security services and business travel expenses. All of these consist of Bezo’s total income.

Jeff Bezos’s basic salary has remained the same since 1998 which is $81,840. He receives the amount of $1.6million in other compensation. This totals his annual income to be about $1.7million per annum.

How much Jeff Bezo make per second?

With the huge increase to Bezo net worth this year, we cough calculate how much he makes per second using his annual earning or increase in net worth.

Bezo made about $1.7 million from Amazon in 2019. He a sum of about $140 thousand monthly, $35 thousand weekly,$5 thousand daily, $200 hourly,  $3.5 per minute, and $0.06 every second.

With Bezos’ current upsurge in his net worth with Amazon, Bezo’s will be making about $8 billion per month. For weekly, approximately $2.25 billion,$321 million daily, $13 million hourly, $222,890 every minute, and $3,715 every second.

On 20th July 2020, Bezos’ achieved the highest single-day increase of about $13 billion. He made roughly about $542 million hourly, $9 million per minute, and $150,463 every second.

Does Jeff Bezos’ have other sources of income?

Although, Jeff Bezos has other sorts of expensive homes and other businesses. Bezos owns space travel company Blue Origin and Media publisher, Washington Post. He bought the newspaper for $250 million in 2013.

His major source of income is from his shareholdings in Amazon. Bezos is Amazon’s top shareholder with a stake of about 11 percent this is about $173 billion at Amazon’s market capitalization of close to 1.6 trillion.

Bezo’s deploys his wealth to some philanthropic work and environmental protection initiatives. Bezo pledged to spend a sum of $10billion on climate projects under his Bezos’ Earth Fund.

What is Bill Gates Net Worth?

Picture of bill gates

Bill Gates stands as the second richest person on Earth with a net worth of 112 billion dollars as of July 2020. Since he retired from Microsoft, his net worth had steadily increased with over 6 billion dollars in 2020. His net worth has increased over the years from $86 billion in 2017 to $90 billion in 2018. In 2019 his net worth increased by over $16 billion.

Bill Gates estimates about $32 million per day, $1.3 million per hour, $22,800 per minute, and $380 per second.

Bill Gates launched his foundation “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” in 2000. The foundation is based in Seattle, Washington, is one of the largest private foundations in the world. The foundation holds about $46.8 billion in assets. In 2018, Gates responded to the questions people had about donating.

His response lied in the fact that it was first a meaningful work and exemplary to give back to society.

The Bill and Melinda Foundation works to assist people from all works of life. It is focused on improving people’s health and lifting them out of extreme poverty. Developed countries like the United States, provide people with little resources to access opportunities to enable them to succeed.

The foundations’ grantmaking areas include;

  • Global development program
  • Global health program
  • Global Growth
  • Opportunity Program
  • Global Policy and Advocacy, and United States Program

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Suck

Picture of why windows 10 suck

It was day 29 of July 2015 when “Windows 10” was finally released. Today, by statistics, Windows 10 is the most popular desktop OS in the world. In April 2019, Windows 10 was estimated to take 44.1% of the world operating system market.

According to Microsoft, the plan was to have Windows 10 on billions of devices, however, this soon became farfetched. Despite the OS been on over 700 million devices across the world, Microsoft is facing the challenge of convincing several other OS users to move to Windows 10.

There are very good reasons why people are reluctant to move to Windows 10. We tried to find out why windows 10 sucks. See what we found below;

So, Why Do Windows 10 Sucks? The first reason many find appalling is the fact that Windows 10 is designed to be a spy operating system. The OS captures your metadata, the things you did with it and for how long. More frustrating is that the feature cannot be disabled using official means.

Another reason which is even more worrisome is the inability to have control. For example, you cannot switch off automatic update. This, according to Microsoft, is needed to improve user experience but not many are buying into the idea.

There are several other reasons why people find it reluctant to make the move that Microsoft wants. These reasons are not actually about the love they have for these other operating systems rather, they are more about the issues that are associated with windows 10.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Sucks:

  1. Windows 10 spies on you:

One thing Windows 10 is designed to do effectively is to spy on its users. If not for the possibility of creating a public uproar, Microsoft would probably prefer to capture a live video of you and what you do every time the desktop is on. Instead, they settled for the capturing of metadata. They gather what you do with your data and for how long you worked on them.

The truth, however, is that this generates a perfect picture of your activities just as much as a video camera will. This is generally called “telemetry” and it allows Microsoft to achieve its aim without the public uproar. It is funny how this feature cannot be disabled.

  1. Windows 10 will always be a beta software:

Beta software is the term used to refer to the software that is still in the testing stage and yet to be finalized. It is believed that Microsoft pushed Windows 10 to the public far too early than it should.

According to critics, that the product was unfinished before lunch does not matter to Microsoft since everything can be serviced over the internet today. So the “duct-tape principle” can be applied to fix whatever is wrong with the OS as time goes on.

This is why there have been several updates in the past years.  It is, therefore, important as a windows 10 user to pay attention to consistent updates. This leads us to the next point.

  1. Forced Auto Updates:

With the previous versions of Windows OS, an update was optional. Many people find this option quite useful because it allows you to choose if you want or don’t want an update. With Windows 10, this is not the case. You can’t disable automatic updates.

This feature according to Microsoft is designed to get the best of everything available to the user per time. However, critics have said this is a strategy by Microsoft to cover up the defects in the design of the OS. So, Microsoft can fix any noticeable problem without the user knowing it.

  1. Unstable Menu Search:

Unlike with previous Windows OS, a quick search in Windows 10 has been testified to be difficult and unstable. A user testified that the search for the calculator app will require you to know the right short form to input such as “cal”.

The user mentioned that the moment another “c” is added to the short input to make “calc”, the calculator app disappears. This is said to be so for several other apps as well, making it difficult to use the quick search button.

  1. Bloatware and Sponsored Ads:

Windows 10 seems to have certain not-so-useful-apps like candy crush automatically installed on your computer.

Uninstallation of these apps is only temporary as they reappear again after major updates. Windows 10 also shows you sponsored ads and there’s nothing you can do to this.

  1. The Registry Rat’s Nest:

Sometimes you find so many unwanted dirty files on your computer and you don’t know how they got there. The reason you see them is that each time there seems to be a broken app or incomplete installation, Windows 10 secretly keeps a file of such an app making your computer look messy.

  1. Installer Vomit:

Windows 10 is not synonymous with organization. Many of the apps installed are scattered around different folders without hierarchy or any form of organization. This makes the User folder look unkempt. And, if you try to rearrange them, some apps might break.

  1. User Interface Disconnection:

The user interface for Windows 10 looks so substandard compared to that of previous Windows. It reveals information that was synonymous with the early version of Windows.

  1. Slow Boot time:

When you shut down Windows 10, applications and processes are shut down but the Windows kernel itself will only hibernate. The OS is designed this way to enhance boot time and this looks good in theory but users have been found to complain about very slow boot time.

   10.  Windows 10 Pro edition has become less suitable for Small businesses:

This is because Microsoft removes the ability to disable Microsoft Consumer Experience, Windows Tips, Lock screen, and all apps for Windows Store. You’ll have to subscribe to Windows 10 Enterprise or Education editions to be able to do all.

Check out these online courses for Small businesses.

5 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Not Resetting

Picture of why windows 10 is not resetting

Windows 10 is now on several mobile devices, in fact, it is estimated to now operate on over 700 million devices.

It took some time before this feat could be achieved but because Microsoft wanted to ensure that people and businesses move to use Windows 10 from its predecessors, and it eventually happened. Microsoft had to be dedicated to a consistent upgrade of the system.

However, even after several attempts at an upgrade, the OS is still with its shortcomings. Solving some of these shortcomings may require that you refresh, others may require a reset. This had made many to seek the answer to why windows 10 is not resetting,

So, Why Is Windows 10 Not Resetting? The one reason why Windows 10 is not resetting is because of Clutters. Clutters are junk files that get stuck on your computer every time you go online and browse the website, do a system update, restart your system unexpectedly, etc. There is practically nothing you can do to prevent clutter even if you do regular system maintenance.

Clutters come in different from and they can cause Windows 10 failure to reset. However, the solution to these clutter issue is to do a system reset. Let us look at some of these clutters and then see how to solve them.

5 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Not Resetting:

  1. OEM Bloatware:

OEM bloatware is a clutter that is very common to Windows OS. This is the issue known to drag down the operation of the machine’s CPU, RAM, and disk. It usually affects the startup of systems as well. It can also hog valuable storage space especially if your computer doesn’t have much space.

Until recently, resetting your computer does not solve the problem of OEM. This is because the OEM software was embedded in the recovery drive which makes it reappear each time you are done with the reset.

Though you could manually delete the software but doing so sometimes creates an unpredictable result. It could leave residue on your operating system, hidden far away that only computer experts can remove the trace of the junk. It could also cause some app to break.

However, a consistent upgrade from Microsoft solved this problem. Now, a simple reset or refresh would suffice. The latest release of Windows 10 is completely free of OEM software.

  1. Windows Update:

Regular update is highly recommended regardless of the Windows you are using. This increases your security, making your computer safer and it reduces your vulnerability.

However, updates go wrong sometimes. Sometimes, updates fail to completely download or the update that was downloaded is broken. When such happen, Windows will attempt to download and install it again.

The question is, what happens to the unfinished or broken download file? Well, by theory, Windows is supposed to delete the file automatically but this has been found not to be so. The file causes problem when resetting the computer.

  1. Registry Bloat:

One of the troublesome problems that occur on Windows is the Registry Bloat. How this problem occurs is that every action you perform on your computer is recorded somewhere within the computer.

This is a powerful feature in Windows 10 as Microsoft uses it to collect your data, what you did with it, and for how long. The challenge with this Registry issue is that you can’t just assume a file is irrelevant and then you delete it.

You need to exercise much caution when dealing with the registry issue. This is why sometimes when you feel it’s needed; you have to reset the machine. This way, you will be sure you have not tampered with relevant files,

  1. Error files:

Sometimes while you are working on your computer, some error dialog occurs. Sometimes it occurs while you are trying to run and install an app or while you are simply working on the computer.

The machine is designed to store up the error code and other information about the error as a file on the computer. As a user, Microsoft expects you to send the file to them so that it can be evaluated and can be used to improve other future designs.

Unfortunately, most users don’t send these files. But the files are stored on the computer and the size keeps increasing over time, wasting a lot of useful memory. Over time, these files grow so large that they begin to trouble the machine. You can solve the problem with the Reset tool.

  1. User Bloat:

Another major source of Bloat in the system which causes Resetting issue is User Bloat. They are your own file especially if you don’t keep your files well organized. It is very easy for you to have several duplicated files on your computer without you knowing it.

Such an occurrence happening over a long period of time will make your machine to begin to crack under pressure. When the machine is strained too much in this area, it begins to function inappropriately, which is one of the reasons why windows may not reset.

What you do in such a case is that you back up the very important files, making sure you do not duplicate any. Use a hard disk large enough to accommodate the important file and then do a reset.

How to Reset your PC:

To reset your PC carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to your; Start button > Settings > Updates and Recovery > Recovery
  2. Under ‘Reset this PC’, select ‘Get started’
  3. The next options are;
  4. Keep my file: This will keep your personal files but remove all app and drivers you installed.
  5. Remove everything: you have two options here,
  6. Data erasure On: This removes files and cleans drive. Recommended if you plan to dispose of the PC
  7. Data erasure Off: Only removes files.

Note: You have to back up important files if you plan on resetting your PC.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac

Picture Of Why Windows 10 Better Than Mac

The choice of the operating system has a significant effect on your system’s performance. The popular ones we have in existence today all have their strong point in terms of performance but here, we would be discussing why Windows 10 is better than mac.

Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac? When it comes to the comparison between Mac and Windows 10, Windows 10 seems to be better than mac in quite a number of ways. Windows 10 is faster, cheaper, easier to upgrade as compared to Mac. Also, Windows 10 is much user-friendly.

Ten(10) Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac

Here are a couple of reasons why Windows 10 seems to be better than mac.

  1. Gaming: Windows 10 is still the best operating system to use when it comes to games or virtual reality. If you use your computer to play games a lot, then windows 10 is the best option for you. Mac OS also supports gaming but trust me, its way behind what you will get on the windows.
  2. It has a more user- friendly interface which makes it easy to use.
  3. It is easier to upgrade: the Windows operating system comes with more flexibility that allows you to upgrade easily to newer versions.
  4. It is cheaper. When it comes to hardware or software upgrades, Windows 10 is way cheaper than mac. Mac OS is quite expensive.
  5. Windows 10 is built to support various input options like touch, pen, keyboard, as well as voice. Mac, on the other hand, is just introducing some of these touch capabilities offered by windows.
  6. In terms of the assistant, windows 10 Cortana seems to be better than mac’s Siri in quite a number of ways. Both can perform a lot of voice-controlled functionality but Siri can’t log out or rather shut down the computer. This I think is a major functionality that you would love to have on your computer. After a long day of work, you simply tell your assistant to shut down your computer. Also, Cortana has the capabilities to send requests to Amazon Alexa.
  7. The windows taskbar is more functional compared to Mac’s dock.
  8. The windows 10 OS has more accessibilities functions. Blind and low vision individuals can find it easier to use Windows 10 with live visual assistance being offered by Windows 10. Also, more language options for the narrator have been added to window 10.
  9. When it comes to networking and compatibility issues, Windows 10 has a greater edge than mac.
  10. Windows 10 gives you more freedom in configuring your system with the desired components, and more flexibility to upgrade it later.

What Is The Latest Version Of The Windows Operating System?

The latest version of the Windows operating system is windows 10. It was released on the 29th of July 2015. Though, there has been a lot of updates ever since its release. As it stands now, the latest update to Windows 10 is the windows 10 version 1903. This was recently released on May 21, 2019.

What Is The Latest Version Of The Mac Operating System?

Just in case you are wondering what the latest version of the Mac OS is. Well, the current version of the Mac OS is the macOS 10.14 Mojave(liberty) which was released on the 24th of September 2018. There have been some updates that had led to the release of version 10.14.1 and 10.14.3 at various intervals.

Just recently, Apple unveils the new version of the Mac OS, which is macOS 10.15 Catalina. The new version is set to come with some exciting features. As of now, no actual date has been stipulated for the release so the latest version is still the macOS 10.14 Mojave.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Linux?

Picture of Windows vs Linux

When it comes to the choice of selecting an operating system, it can be a really hard decision especially if you are not familiar with the mode of operands of the choices that you have available to you. The truth is that they all have their advantages but here, we would be discussing why windows 10 is better than Linux.

Why Is Windows 10 Better Than Linux? So, here is why windows 10 is better than Linux. Windows 10 is way easy to use as it has a more user-friendly interface. Also, it gives a better gaming experience. Likewise, installation of Windows 10 is way much easier than for Linux.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Linux

Here are a couple of advantages that Windows 10 have over Linux.

  1. As for gaming and virtual reality, Windows 10 still stands out as the best operating system well suited for this purpose. Not all games are supported by the Linux operating system. This can be quite frustrating for some Linux users who are into games and the likes.
  2. Easy to use. Though Linux usability is improving over time windows 10 still stand out as the operating system which has the easiest interface. Most non-technical users would actually prefer Windows 10 over Linux.
  3. When it comes to installation, Windows 10 is way easier to set-up. It doesn’t require any technicality as anyone can easily install it. But when it comes to installing Linux, it can be a bit technical.
  4. In terms of the assistant, windows 10 Cortana seems to be better than Linux’s Betty in quite a number of ways.
  5. When it comes to supports, windows 10 are way better. Resources are collated which makes it easier for you to find what you want. In the case of Linux, you have to surf through google to find what you are looking for.
  6. The windows 10 OS has more accessibilities functions. Blind and low vision individuals can find it easier to use Windows 10 with live visual assistance being offered by Windows 10. Also, more language options for the narrator have been added to window 10.
  7. Windows have more drivers than the Linux operating system. Basically, windows tend to get new drivers first, and for Linux, they count it luck if they receive any driver at all.
  8. Windows has a wider range of compatibility with most software. Windows users can be of certainty that most software would work. Even outdated software would still continue to work. In short, windows have very good legacy support as compared to Linux.
  9. Windows has one of the greatest numbers of software that can be run on it. This is for the PC version. Linux is mainly built for the tech guys. If you are not doing anything to techy, if you intend using your PC for normal activity, then you should stay with Windows.
  10. Troubling shooting on a Windows operating system is quite easy. Unlike on the Linux version where you will need to run a lot of codes and program, on windows you can easily run the troubleshooting app if you are experiencing any challenge with your operating system.

Does Linux Have Any Advantage Over Windows 10?

Yeah, Linux also has a couple of advantages over Windows. One of which is speed. Windows system tends to be slower than its Linux counterpart. Likewise, one key advantage of Linux over windows is security.

This is one of the reasons why it tends to be popular among the IT community. If a virus gets into your Linux system, there is a limit to the damage it can do. Unlike windows where it will affect the entire network, the infestation of virus on the Linux network will only affect the individual machine.

In terms of cost too, most Linux operating systems comes for free and even if they come with a price, they tend to be cheap. In the case of the Windows 10 operating system, it is not free. You have to pay for it at a price higher than those the Linux.

Although, most manufacturers tend to add the cost in the purchase cost so it might not seem to you that you are paying for it when you get a new system with windows 10 already installed on it.

What Operating System Should I Use?

Looking at the tech trends, the Windows operating system seems to be the dominant operating system in the operating system landscape. If you are not aware of the functionality of each one of them, it is more likely you will want to go for the Windows operating system because of its popularity.

Well, having seen the pros and cons of the different operating system. Your choice solely depends on what you need and what you do. So, basically, choosing an operating system is a question of what works best for you after taking a critical consideration at what each of them has to offer.

How To Boot Windows 10 Into Safe Mode?

Picture Of Boot Windows 10 To Safe mode

Safe mode is an approach to rectify issues you might have with your system. It is a restricted environment that prevents damage from getting any worse.

This is a kind of quarantine technique that allows you to determine which application may be the cause of the issues you are experiencing.

There a quite a number of ways to enter safe mode in windows 10. Read up to know how windows 10 safe mode.

How Can I Boot Windows 10 In Safe Mode? Basically, there are three ways to access safe mode in windows 10. You can enter safe mode from the log-in screen, or you can enter safe mode from the normal node. Lastly, you can enter safe mode from a blank screen.

The issues you are facing with your system would determine how you want to enter safe mode in your windows 10 computer.

There are three different ways to start windows 10 in safe mode.

How to Boot Windows 10 Into Safe Mode?

1. From The Normal Mode:

You can do this either through the settings menu. Lunch the settings menu by pressing the windows button alongside the power button on your keyboard. Then select update and security.

Click on recovery, a panel will open up on the right. Select the ‘restart now’ option under the advanced start-up. This will take you to the windows recovery environment. Select the troubleshoot option on the Windows RE, then select the advanced option. Under advanced options, select startup settings and click Restart.

Your computer will then restart and a screen with different startup options will open. Here you either press 4 on your keyboard (if you won’t be needing an internet connection) or select number 5 (if you will be needing network access).

Another alternative to this is to press the windows button + R on your keyboard, then type in “msconfig” into the dialogue box and click ok. The system configuration settings would be opened and here, you then navigate to the boot tab.

In the boot tab, you check the safe boot option and then you will be prompted to restart your system. Click restart and then your system would restart into safe mode.

2. Via the Log-in Screen:

This is suitable for cases when you just started your system and it doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. Follow the steps below to boot your system into safe mode from the sign in screen

  • On the sign-in screen, hold down the shift key and then while holding down the shift key, select the restart option from the power options in the bottom right corner.
  • Your system will restart and bring up the windows recovery environment.
  • Select the troubleshoot option on the Windows RE, then select the advanced option.
  • Under advanced options, select startup settings and click Restart.
  • Your computer will then restart and a screen with different startup options will open. Here you either press 4 on your keyboard (if you won’t be needing an internet connection) or select number 5 (if you will be needing network access).

3. From a Blank or Black Screen:

This is the approach you will use when your windows do not start normally. You might probably a blank or a black screen. Follow the steps highlighted below if your issue falls under this category.

  • First, ensure your computer is off. Then, turn on your system. Long press the power button until the system goes off. Repeat this process at least two times until you see the “preparing automatic repair” screen comes up.
  • Then, wait till windows finish diagnosing your system and click on the advanced option. This will bring up the windows recovery environment screen.
  • Select the troubleshoot option on the Windows RE, then select the advanced option.
  • Under advanced options, select startup settings and click Restart.
  • Your computer will then restart and a screen with different startup options will open. Here you either press 4 on your keyboard (if you won’t be needing an internet connection) or select number 5 (if you will be needing network access).

Why Do I Need To Enter Safe Mode And How To Exit Safe Mode?

Booting in safe mode might be the handy solution to the issues you are experiencing with your system. After trying out other troubleshooting technique, you definitely want to try out booting your computer in safe mode.

You can exit the safe mode by following the steps below;

  1. Press the windows button + R.
  2. A box will pop up. You then type in “msconfig” in the box and click ok.
  3. Navigate to the “Boot” tab
  4. Uncheck the “Safe boot” option.

What You Should Know About Windows 10 Reset

Most users who did a windows 7 or 8 upgrades to Windows 10 (without charge) purchased Personal Computers that have DVD for reset or partition in the hard drive for reset.

Usually, marketers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo makes this available for users rather than giving a Windows DVD to them for reinstallation purpose. The choice of doing a “reset” normally comes up before the booting of windows (or the “reset DVD” can be inserted).

When “factory reset” is done on the system, the hard disk is wiped out. Every data and the programs of all users are also cleared out with the reinstallation of windows.

The reinstallation of the system’s original O.S rather than Windows 10, is a major difference that should be noted. In essence, need to be careful when going for this option.


How Does Windows 10 Backup Work?

Picture Of Windows 10 Backup

Data are priceless and could be quite a pain in the ass if you lose your files with no hope of regaining them back.

Data backup with Windows 10 is an effortless task. It has a number of updated features that makes files backup and system backup an easy task. Read up to know how windows 10 backup works.

So, How Exactly Does Windows 10 Backup Work? You can either use the windows file history option. This is to back up your personal files or using the system image option. This is to back up your entire system.

Picture of Windows 10 Backup

How Windows 10 Backup Works In 5 Easy Steps

Essentially, there are two types of backup you can do on your windows system. The first one concentrates on just backing up your personal data files, while the other is a complete backup for your entire system.

Below are notes on how they both work;

  1. File History: this feature allows you to make a regular copy of your personal files to an external drive. You can as well back up to your systems’ internal drive but it is always advisable to also use an external drive. To set up the file history, follow these 5 easy steps.
    • Click on setting in the start-up menu. Then, a menu will come up where you will select the “update and security” option.
    • You then select the “Backup” option. A panel will then appear on the right-hand side. Here, you will see an option to “Add a drive”.
    • Click on the “+” icon next to the “Add a drive” option. This will give the list of all the external hard drives that are connected to your System. You select the one you want to use.
    • After doing this, you will notice the add my drive option has changed to automatically backup my files. By default, this option is on. You can always toggle between the on and off option although it is advisable you leave it on.
    • You can then specify how often you want the backup to take place, as well as the files and folders that should be included. This can be done by selecting “more option” just beneath the automatically backup my file option.

You can as well sync your files to the cloud. You can do this alongside the file history option just to have multiple backup options for your files. OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage facility that you can sync with your windows system to automatically back up your files for you.

  1. Using Systems Restore: This option would back up your entire system. It would create a systems image of the entire system like your programs, systems’ files, documents, and the likes. You can achieve this with the steps highlighted below.
    • Go the control panel, then click on “system and security” and then select the backup and restore option.
    • A panel will show up on the right, you then select the “Set up backup” option.
    • You will be prompted to choose where you would like your backups to be saved to. It is recommended you save it to an external drive.
    • You can then select the files and folder you want to back up or simply select the “let windows choose” option if you want a complete system back up.
    • Then, finally, you can then configure your back up settings like how frequently should your files be backed up.

How Long Should System Restore Take on Windows 10

After backing up your files, you might want to do a system restore to fix certain crashes and other problems your computer might be having.  The process is easy and if the procedures are followed appropriately, you shouldn’t encounter any problem along the way.

Typically, a system’s restore on windows 10 takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. If the process seems to be taking longer than this time frame, then it might be a red light that something is wrong which you might have to fix.

What You Should Know About Windows 10 Reset?

The resetting of windows 10 is not really different from the windows 10 reinstallation from scratch. Described below, are the exceptions. The major thing that differentiates “reset” and “reinstall” is the means of booting.

You do not need a DVD of Windows 10 or bootable USB media to boot from when doing a windows reinstallation. In this place, windows are capable of doing a “reset” by itself from the environment of windows that were previously available.

What is done, is basically an overwriting of windows over windows. When the process is completed, the Windows 10 is completely reset like the initial state when it was new (not different from reinstallation). There are no programs installed, no patches and update of the operating system.

If you decide to opt for a reset of Windows 10, the reinstallation of windows will be done by itself via any two methods pertinent to data of the user:

“Keep my files” – for this case, the resetting of windows is done, the previous settings and programs that are installed are wiped though all files that are personal will be kept. This may be a reasonable option for you to choose if your PC is unsteady or if there are some things that are not functioning properly.

“Remove everything” – This option is similar to the first option above. The exception is that even files that are personal, are wiped out. This should be done if you desire an absolutely clean PC and do not mind if your files are lost.

What Is The DIFFERENCE Between Windows 7 And Windows 10?

Picture Of Windows 7 VS Windows 10

Microsoft usually work on updating their operating system every two years to improve usability for users. Windows 7 is the predecessor of Windows 8 while Windows 10 is the successor to Windows 8.

Though a first look at the layout of both windows might look similar, there are a number of different ways of how Windows 10 is different from windows 7.

So, How is Windows 10 Different From Windows 7? First, the start menu in windows 10 is different from how it is rendered on windows 7. Another major difference is that in Windows 7, the default browser was internet explorer. However, in Windows 10, the default browser is now Microsoft’s edge.

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9 Other Unique Ways Windows 10 Differs From Windows 7

Picture Of Unique Difference Windows 7 VS Windows 10

It is good to understand the difference between these two versions of windows. Here are quite a number of ways in which Windows 10 differs from Windows 7.

1. The Start Menu:

In the case of Windows 7, the start menu which is located in the lower left corner of the screen will give you access to your programs, user’s account, power option, and settings.

However, in Windows 10, the start menu icon is different from that of Windows 7.  Although it is still in the same location, the start menu in windows 10 will give you access to power options, settings, and a new menu where you can access your applications easily.

2. Power Options:

In Windows 10, the sleep, restarting and shutting down options are accessed by clicking the arrow to the right of the log off option. In Windows 10, all these are accessed simply by clicking on the power options icon.

3. Locking Your Computer:

To lock your computers in Windows 7, you access it from the power option whereas, in windows 10, this feature is accessed from the user’s account icon.

4. Adding Shortcuts:

Adding shortcuts of a program to your desktop in Windows 7, you right click on the program, then from the drop-down menu, you go to ‘send to’ and select ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.

This process is way faster on windows 10, all you need do is just drag and drop the application to the desktop and the shortcut would be created on the desktop.

5. Logging Out:

In Windows 7, the log off option is within the start menu where the other per options are found but in windows 10, the log off option has been renamed to sign out and it is accessed from the user’s account icon.

6. Search Bar:

In Windows 7, the search bar is located within the start menu. However, in Windows 10, the search bar is accessed from the general taskbar usually at the bottom of your desktop screen.

7. Security and Desktop Improvements:

There are a lot of desktop and security improvements in window 10. The task manager has been upgraded so it is much easier for you to manage tasks and see what exactly is using your system’s resources without the need for any other alternative third-party software.

8. Browser Replacement:

The default browser for Windows 7 is internet explorer. Internet Explorer is no longer popular and does not fully support some functionalities. Now, it has been replaced by Microsoft’s edge, a better browser with lots of interesting features.

Windows 10 comes with a virtual assistant, Cortana to assist you. It helps you with searches on your local computer and also on the internet. It also keeps track of events and alerts you when necessary.

How Can I Upgrade From Windows 7 to Windows 10?

A lot of people are not willing to upgrade their operating system because of the task of having to backup up their files. This ensures that they do not lose them during the upgrade process.

However, with the media creation tool, you can upgrade your operating system from windows 7 to windows 10 easily without losing your files.

However, in order to avoid any upgrading error, it is important you are aware of the requirements to install windows 10.  You need a processor of at least 1GHz, a RAM of 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit.

Also, you need a minimum hard disk space of 16GB for 32-bit OS or 20GB for a 64-bit OS. You need a display of 800 x 600 as well.

Likewise, for a successful upgrade, you must have the latest version of Windows 7 i.e. “windows 7 service pack 1″ running on your computer.

To check for the version of windows you are running, type “winver” in the run command. You would also be needing a valid window 10 product key to successfully upgrade your OS.

Now, before beginning the upgrade process, ensure that you uninstall any software like antivirus and other outdated third-party software that might prevent your computer from upgrading successfully.

Also, ensure you disconnect any hardware like printers, phones, hard drive and other external devices connected to your computer as these can cause your system upgrade to fail.

So, to upgrade to Windows 10, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Download the media creation tool from Microsoft.
  • After downloading, double click on the .exe file to launch the Windows 10 setup wizard.
  • Accept the licensing agreement.
  • Select “upgrade pc now” to start the upgrade process.
  • You will be prompted to enter a product key, enter a valid windows 10 product key.
  • Again, accept the licensing agreement.
  • If you want to keep your files and applications, ensure you check the “Keep personal files and apps” option.
  • Then, you click install.


Upgrading from windows 10 to windows 7 is an easy process, once you follow the instructions above. If you seem to be having any challenge with the upgrade, there are several troubling shooting instructions that you can be of help on Microsoft official website.

Best 10 Sites Like Putlocker – Top Alternatives to Stream Online 2019

sites like put locker

Putlocker was a site that was once commonly used by millions of individuals looking to stream different types of television shows and movies without paying a fee.

The site was first established back in 2011 and it became such a massive hit that millions of people started visiting it both day and night.

The site has gone through many different names. It started with Putlocker.com then Putlocker.is

After a while it became Putlocker.is and then putlockers.ch. But aftersome legal issues, it was changed to putlocker.is. Right before it was blocked again, it had new address of Putlock is https://www.putlockers.me

Despite its success, it was eventually banned in the United Kingdom and has no longer been accessible since 2016. But now that Putlocker is banned it has left many people scratching their heads.

As a result, it is a good time to find some alternatives when you want to watch good television shows and movies.


If you are looking for a great alternative that offers a huge range of different shows and movies for you to watch, you should visit FMovies. One thing you should know is that you may have trouble accessing the site, but it all depends on where you currently live.

Certain areas have stricter anti-piracy policies and will block the site from being accessed by individuals looking to watch television shows and movies. However, it is still possible to use the site because there are several domains for it.

When you can access the site with no problem, you will notice there is a long list of shows and movies available for you to watch, including movies that are out in theaters and have just recently been released. The movies that are uploaded are of the highest quality. You can find just about anything you would like to watch, including old movies and new movies.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, a service known for providing consumers with two-day delivery on thousands of items, happens to offer streaming video services for Prime members.

While you would need to pay a small fee to have access to this service, it is one of the most popular streaming sites because of all the different shows and movies that are offered via Prime Video.

If you are cutting the cord and do not want to spend money on cable, this is a great option because it is much more affordable than cable television subscriptions.

Most importantly, you can always get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to see if you like the video streaming service or not before you start to pay for it.

An Amazon Prime membership allows you to stream various television shows and movies, including Amazon originals, popular movies that were released not too long ago, and much more. You can watch these shows and movies without the advertisements, too.


Perhaps one of the best alternatives to Putlocker, SolarMovie is known for its impressive selection of television shows and movies that are easily found on the site. You can watch anything you want to for free. You will find horror films, comedies, romantic flicks, and so much more. There is even the option to create a personal account on the site, but it is not required.

The quality of the shows and movies on SolarMovie are up to par. You may notice that the domain for this site changes from time to time and that is because of the anti-piracy groups that will often shut sites like these down.


Hulu is a great alternative to Putlocker because it has a lot to offer. You can find thousands of different shows and movies on the site, which you can use from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

There is even a downloadable app you can use to stream movies and shows directly from your phone while you are on the go. While the service is not free, it is relatively affordable considering all the different shows and movies you will have access to, and you can even pay less by choosing to subscribe to the version that has advertisements.

If you do not like dealing with commercials, there is always the option of subscribing for the commercial-free version of Hulu.

If you want to watch Hulu on your television, you will need to have an Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV. Most people already have at least one of these devices at home, so there is a good chance you are fully prepared to start streaming Hulu directly from your television.

Much like Amazon Prime, Hulu does offer a free trial to anyone choosing to signup for the service. You can test it out for 30 days to see if you like it before committing to paying for the service.


If you like a simple and easy-to-navigate layout, you will love searching for movies and shows on Niter. The site was designed to look a lot like the Netflix layout, which is easy to navigate, too.

You can use the search feature to look for specific movies and shows that you would like to watch.

In fact, you can even browse through content based on the latest uploads or search through all the different categories that are offered. It is possible to find movies and shows based on their genre or the specific year that they were released.

Full-screen options are available, so you can enlarge the screen if you need to. The movies and shows on this site stream at a fast rate of speed, which means you will not need to worry about dealing with constant buffering when you are trying to watch something good.

Channel 131

If you would like to watch full seasons of different television series and have access to thousands of different movies, Channel 131 is a site worth visiting.

While the site itself looks quite basic with such a simple layout, it does not skimp on the quality of the different shows and films that are available.

You can easily find popular selections, along with shows and movies from the past several decades that you may have an interest in watching. You can even search for shows based on when they air on television.

You will notice the site does have a music section, but it is not worth it. The music does not seem to work properly, so your best bet is to use this site solely for watching movies and shows.

Despite its simple layout, it is still rather easy to find the content because they organize the content based on episodes. Some people do find this layout a bit frustrating to deal with, but if you can get past that minor issue, you will love the site and everything it offers.


If you want a one-stop site that has everything you could possibly want, Vudu is the site to visit. It provides an entire list of different films and shows that are available.

You can browse through your options based on genre, whether you would like to watch a comedy, horror movie, or even see some action. Most uploads are of the highest quality, so you can enjoy the experience of watching while you are on the site.

You may notice that there are featured titles that you would need to pay to watch, but there are also plenty of free options that contain advertisements. If you do not mind watching a few advertisements here and there to watch some of your favorite shows and movies, you will have no problem with Vudu.

There is no need to subscribe to the service, but you can do so if you would like to. You can watch plenty of movies and shows for free and without a subscription on Vudu. The site claims to have titles that are available prior to getting released by Redbox and Netflix, and that means you can watch first while others are still waiting for shows and movies to get released.


YesMovies makes it possible to watch some of your favorite shows and movies, including current seasons of some of your favorite series, such as the Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, and even Game of Thrones.

The site has a neat and professional design that is easy to navigate through. You can check out some of the most popular selections on the site before using its search feature to find specific films and shows that you want to watch.

One thing you might like about using YesMovies is that they list the top movies for each day. You will get to see what other people are watching, which could help you decide what you want to watch when you are feeling a bit indecisive.

Aside from being able to see the top movies, you can look through dozens of different categories because there are lists of shows and films ranging from documentaries to musicals, adult films, and more.


When you visit WatchMoviesFree, you will notice that the site looks a lot like Putlocker. It contains lists of movies and shows, along with photos and brief descriptions to give you an idea of what you are about to watch before you click on something specific.

You can search for things to watch based on when they were released or how popular they currently are among those who visit the website. The site is about as simple as it gets, but there is nothing wrong with that, especially when you are only visiting the site to have things to watch.

The navigation bar on the website includes lists of the different categories that are available on WatchMoviesFree. You can search by category or simply type the name of a show or movie into the search box that is displayed at the top of the website. Many people love using WatchMoviesFree because of the awesome selection available. You will pay nothing to see some high-quality films.


As soon as you visit MovieFone, you will notice the large search box displayed at the center of the page. You can quickly type in the name of your favorite show or a movie that you would like to watch and find links to access those shows and movies.

However, there are other ways to find different stuff to watch while you are on the site. You can find movies based on what is currently in the theaters, what is new to DVD, and what is new on Netflix. You will also notice a section on the site that lets you know of all the different movies that are coming soon.

Video trailers are easily found on a section of the site. You can watch these trailers before deciding to watch a specific movie.

It is convenient to have easy access to the trailers because you might want to get a better idea of what you are watching before you commit to watching something that is nearly two hours long.

The site offers several neat features that visitors seem to love, including the Unscripted series that continuously gets views from millions of people and Fone Finds that offers a list of premium content for people to access.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for an alternative to Putlocker because you would like to watch both movies and shows without paying a fortune, these are the top sites to visit. Most of these sites offer streaming services for free, but some do charge a small fee. No matter which site you decide to visit, you can begin watching some of your favorite series and movies from various devices, including your television, laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Does Airbnb Have An Affiliate Program? FINALLY A Clear Answer!

airbnb affiliate program

I have heard a lot of misconceptions and seen some people utterly confused about the Affiliate Program at Airbnb. Out of my usual astute curiosity, I finally decided to check if Airbnb actually has an affiliate program. This is where adding affiliate links to Youtube videos may come in handy…

So, I did some extensive research and asked more questions about the Affiliate Program at Airbnb. After this extensive research and a few dollars, I found some information that will literally amaze you. Are you ready? Let’s delve right in!

So does Airbnb have an affiliate program? Yes. Airbnb does have an affiliate program. This Affiliate Program should however not be confused with Airbnb’s more informal Referral Program. So, if you are looking to promote Airbnb, there are two types of partnership options you need to be aware of.

There are many things about the Airbnb affiliate program you just must know before joining the program. The different affiliate programs rake in a different amount of dough. If you want to learn more about the affiliate programs before you join it, then you have to read on.

The Airbnb Referral Program

Anybody can hop on this train as there are no strict requirements to join. The Airbnb referral program is a more informal program provided by Airbnb to enable referrers to earn some money.

The Airbnb Referral Program aka “The Program” allows members to earn promotional coupon credits aka “Travel Credits” toward future homes/experiences bookings by referring friends to become new users on Airbnb. Friends can be invited to Airbnb via email, or through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter where the referral code could be shared.

For example, if you send a friend $25 in Airbnb credit, will earn you $15 when they travel and $80 when they host. The remaining travel credit available then appears automatically in the form of a coupon on the checkout page.

Although the Referral Program is decent enough, you will not be paid in cash, and the lifetime limit seems to be capped at $5,000. It is, however, a fun incentive for non-affiliates as this enables them to earn some travel rewards points with Airbnb from friends and family.

The Affiliate Programs at Airbnb

Some affiliate programs are simply a waste of time and energy, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Airbnb affiliate program. With the many scams and worthless affiliate programs on the internet, it is very important to be extra careful before making commitments to any affiliate program.

Although Airbnb terminated its affiliate internet program in December 2015, it now has a new affiliate program. This new affiliate program offers two different types of incentives for traffic directed to their website.

One of the partnership options is the guest affiliate program where you get incentives from the booking made by Airbnb guests while the other partnership option is the host affiliate program where you get incentives whenever new users sign up as hosts.

According to Airbnb, this new affiliate program enables you to earn commissions and provide more choices to your users.

Unlike the Guest and Host referral program, this gives an idea of the two parts of Airbnb’s two-sided market place. While one affiliate option is aimed at attracting guests, the other option is aimed at attracting hosts (that is, people who would list properties or other services on Airbnb).

The Guest Affiliate Program

As a qualified guest affiliate, you will get access to feature any Airbnb listing on your site. This allows you to earn a commission for every booking you drive through your audience. One major difference between the Airbnb affiliate program and the Airbnb referral program is how much you can actually earn.

While there is no limit to what you can earn in the affiliate program, there is a limit to what you can earn in the referral program. The commission structure of the Airbnb referral program is such that you get up to $95 for every user you get to sign up. This amount is not paid in cash but in travel credits and is capped at $5,000.

According to the affiliate agreement, travel credits can only be earned if a referred friend clicks on your referral link and creates a valid Airbnb account that complies with their Terms of Service and if the referred friend completes a Qualifying Reservation either as a guest or as a host.

As stated on their affiliate page, any publisher that has access to the Guest affiliate program can promote Airbnb listings. This means that you will be paid some commissions for the guest booking you convert.

The Host Affiliate Program

As a qualified host affiliate, you will help your users earn extra income as Airbnb hosts. When you showcase Airbnb hosting opportunities to your audience, you get a chance to earn a commission for each new host who signs up.

If you are a publisher, you will also have access to the Host affiliate program. With this, you will be able to promote Airbnb hosting opportunities to your audience. In this case, if a new host signs up, you will earn a commission.

How do I make money with Airbnb?

To make some serious money, there is a more juicy part of the affiliate program which is the “true” affiliate program. The details of the Airbnb Affiliate Program is usually only known to people who have completed the application and have gotten approved.

The affiliate program has some pretty high standards clearly showing how Airbnb plans to take a different direction compared to the first version of its affiliate program which was targeted more at small blogs and websites. This new affiliate program focuses on building strong partnership with established brands. Before you can be eligible to join the Affiliate programs at Airbnb, there are certain requirements stared on Airbnb’s affiliate page which must be met.

  1. You must have at least 1 million monthly visits to your app or website;
  2. Be very passionate about helping people connect and belong;
  3. Have relevant and dynamic content about travel and hospitality on your website or app.
  4. Have a versatile approach to the use of the media and leverage all media channels especially blogs and social media.
  5. Creatively design your blogs and websites to produce a modern user experience.
  6. Have an audience with a high intent to book accommodations or host their homes.

All these requirements are put in place to ensure that dormant websites don’t clog the wheel to their progress.

Is Airbnb Worth Promoting?

After the long list above, you might want to sit down to reconsider promoting Airbnb. If you’re thinking about why you should stop for a minute and consider Airbnb, there are many worthwhile reasons to. Airbnb has unlimited access to over 4 million homes in 191 countries and 60,000 cities.

This enables your site or app visitors to book or host nearly any type of property they want! As stated on their affiliate page, they clear about 100,000 bookings a day. Airbnb is a site that will definitely convert because it is a widely-loved brand.

Almost everybody is obsessed with travel these days, with so many wonderful sights to see. Seeing you’re reading this shows that you also might have some ancillary interest in travel. Without batting an eyelid, I am sure you can name quite a number of Instagram profiles or travel-authority sites off the top of your head.