10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Linux?

Picture of Windows vs Linux

When it comes to the choice of selecting an operating system, it can be a really hard decision especially if you are not familiar with the mode of operands of the choices that you have available to you. The truth is that they all have their advantages but here, we would be discussing why windows 10 is better than Linux.

Why Is Windows 10 Better Than Linux? So, here is why windows 10 is better than Linux. Windows 10 is way easy to use as it has a more user-friendly interface. Also, it gives a better gaming experience. Likewise, installation of Windows 10 is way much easier than for Linux.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Linux

Here are a couple of advantages that Windows 10 have over Linux.

  1. As for gaming and virtual reality, Windows 10 still stands out as the best operating system well suited for this purpose. Not all games are supported by the Linux operating system. This can be quite frustrating for some Linux users who are into games and the likes.
  2. Easy to use. Though Linux usability is improving over time windows 10 still stand out as the operating system which has the easiest interface. Most non-technical users would actually prefer Windows 10 over Linux.
  3. When it comes to installation, Windows 10 is way easier to set-up. It doesn’t require any technicality as anyone can easily install it. But when it comes to installing Linux, it can be a bit technical.
  4. In terms of the assistant, windows 10 Cortana seems to be better than Linux’s Betty in quite a number of ways.
  5. When it comes to supports, windows 10 are way better. Resources are collated which makes it easier for you to find what you want. In the case of Linux, you have to surf through google to find what you are looking for.
  6. The windows 10 OS has more accessibilities functions. Blind and low vision individuals can find it easier to use Windows 10 with live visual assistance being offered by Windows 10. Also, more language options for the narrator have been added to window 10.
  7. Windows have more drivers than the Linux operating system. Basically, windows tend to get new drivers first, and for Linux, they count it luck if they receive any driver at all.
  8. Windows has a wider range of compatibility with most software. Windows users can be of certainty that most software would work. Even outdated software would still continue to work. In short, windows have very good legacy support as compared to Linux.
  9. Windows has one of the greatest numbers of software that can be run on it. This is for the PC version. Linux is mainly built for the tech guys. If you are not doing anything to techy, if you intend using your PC for normal activity, then you should stay with Windows.
  10. Troubling shooting on a Windows operating system is quite easy. Unlike on the Linux version where you will need to run a lot of codes and program, on windows you can easily run the troubleshooting app if you are experiencing any challenge with your operating system.

Does Linux Have Any Advantage Over Windows 10?

Yeah, Linux also has a couple of advantages over Windows. One of which is speed. Windows system tends to be slower than its Linux counterpart. Likewise, one key advantage of Linux over windows is security.

This is one of the reasons why it tends to be popular among the IT community. If a virus gets into your Linux system, there is a limit to the damage it can do. Unlike windows where it will affect the entire network, the infestation of virus on the Linux network will only affect the individual machine.

In terms of cost too, most Linux operating systems comes for free and even if they come with a price, they tend to be cheap. In the case of the Windows 10 operating system, it is not free. You have to pay for it at a price higher than those the Linux.

Although, most manufacturers tend to add the cost in the purchase cost so it might not seem to you that you are paying for it when you get a new system with windows 10 already installed on it.

What Operating System Should I Use?

Looking at the tech trends, the Windows operating system seems to be the dominant operating system in the operating system landscape. If you are not aware of the functionality of each one of them, it is more likely you will want to go for the Windows operating system because of its popularity.

Well, having seen the pros and cons of the different operating system. Your choice solely depends on what you need and what you do. So, basically, choosing an operating system is a question of what works best for you after taking a critical consideration at what each of them has to offer.