The Benefits of Learning HTML

The HyperText Markup Language is a cornerstone technology used to create pages on the world wide web. It’s a type of basic web language we need to learn when we start creating our own website as it will help us understand commands. Its associated languages are Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, Javascript, C++, Jquery and a lot more.

When learning about programming languages, we usually start with HTML first before the others because it is kind of a fundamental language. The thought that coding is only for those who want to build a programming career is not true. Everyone can benefit from learning basic coding. Here are some of the benefits of learning HTML:

HTML is Easy to understand and use

We think programming and creating web pages is very technical and complicated. Not the case of HTML. It is fortunately simple and easy to use and understand. If you have a website on your own, knowing HTML is very useful when your site needs some web designs and updates, that is if you enjoy doing it yourself or you do not want to hire a programmer.

HTML Supported by most browsers

Most browsers support or can read HTML than any other programming language. Programmers usually optimize the website for the most popular browsers, which is another benefit when you learn HTML. If you’re interested in learning how to program, you become part of General Assemby’s free coding bootcamp in Chicago.

HTML is Search engine friendly

HTML is friendliest to search engines than any web programming language. Search engine crawlers find it easy to access and read HTML, hence crawling and load time are reduced. The result, a better-performing website.

Used for search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

HTML can create links called Hyper Text Links or Anchor Links, which are very essential in SEO. The SEO space also relies on back links, and the HTML language helps create those.

HTML is used in affiliate marketing, to place codes in advertisements on web pages where codes check the affiliate ID. You can likewise change the codes, like their color and size. Knowing HTML gives you the freedom to do a lot of things.

Similar to XML

HTML works very well with Extensible Markup Language which is used for storing data. They have the same syntax and so working between them is seamless and easy.

Gives you control over your website

HTML is about the structure of your website since it outlines the contents of the page. You use HTML to print a text, title, paragraph or a box. CSS is about design and layout.  It dictates how should letters or other elements should look like. Understanding HTML paired with CSS gives you the power to do a lot of stuff on your website. You can insert words to the content, tweak colors for your brand name or include links or social media buttons. Your knowledge can rock your website.

You can work well with developers

Having a basic understanding of HTML gives you the idea of what is possible for your website, especially if you are coordinating with developers. Your demands will be more realistic as you are able to understand the scope of technical tasks. It reduces misunderstanding and friction between you and the development team.