10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Suck

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It was day 29 of July 2015 when “Windows 10” was finally released. Today, by statistics, Windows 10 is the most popular desktop OS in the world. In April 2019, Windows 10 was estimated to take 44.1% of the world operating system market.

According to Microsoft, the plan was to have Windows 10 on billions of devices, however, this soon became farfetched. Despite the OS been on over 700 million devices across the world, Microsoft is facing the challenge of convincing several other OS users to move to Windows 10.

There are very good reasons why people are reluctant to move to Windows 10. We tried to find out why windows 10 sucks. See what we found below;

So, Why Do Windows 10 Sucks? The first reason many find appalling is the fact that Windows 10 is designed to be a spy operating system. The OS captures your metadata, the things you did with it and for how long. More frustrating is that the feature cannot be disabled using official means.

Another reason which is even more worrisome is the inability to have control. For example, you cannot switch off automatic update. This, according to Microsoft, is needed to improve user experience but not many are buying into the idea.

There are several other reasons why people find it reluctant to make the move that Microsoft wants. These reasons are not actually about the love they have for these other operating systems rather, they are more about the issues that are associated with windows 10.

10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Sucks:

  1. Windows 10 spies on you:

One thing Windows 10 is designed to do effectively is to spy on its users. If not for the possibility of creating a public uproar, Microsoft would probably prefer to capture a live video of you and what you do every time the desktop is on. Instead, they settled for the capturing of metadata. They gather what you do with your data and for how long you worked on them.

The truth, however, is that this generates a perfect picture of your activities just as much as a video camera will. This is generally called “telemetry” and it allows Microsoft to achieve its aim without the public uproar. It is funny how this feature cannot be disabled.

  1. Windows 10 will always be a beta software:

Beta software is the term used to refer to the software that is still in the testing stage and yet to be finalized. It is believed that Microsoft pushed Windows 10 to the public far too early than it should.

According to critics, that the product was unfinished before lunch does not matter to Microsoft since everything can be serviced over the internet today. So the “duct-tape principle” can be applied to fix whatever is wrong with the OS as time goes on.

This is why there have been several updates in the past years.  It is, therefore, important as a windows 10 user to pay attention to consistent updates. This leads us to the next point.

  1. Forced Auto Updates:

With the previous versions of Windows OS, an update was optional. Many people find this option quite useful because it allows you to choose if you want or don’t want an update. With Windows 10, this is not the case. You can’t disable automatic updates.

This feature according to Microsoft is designed to get the best of everything available to the user per time. However, critics have said this is a strategy by Microsoft to cover up the defects in the design of the OS. So, Microsoft can fix any noticeable problem without the user knowing it.

  1. Unstable Menu Search:

Unlike with previous Windows OS, a quick search in Windows 10 has been testified to be difficult and unstable. A user testified that the search for the calculator app will require you to know the right short form to input such as “cal”.

The user mentioned that the moment another “c” is added to the short input to make “calc”, the calculator app disappears. This is said to be so for several other apps as well, making it difficult to use the quick search button.

  1. Bloatware and Sponsored Ads:

Windows 10 seems to have certain not-so-useful-apps like candy crush automatically installed on your computer.

Uninstallation of these apps is only temporary as they reappear again after major updates. Windows 10 also shows you sponsored ads and there’s nothing you can do to this.

  1. The Registry Rat’s Nest:

Sometimes you find so many unwanted dirty files on your computer and you don’t know how they got there. The reason you see them is that each time there seems to be a broken app or incomplete installation, Windows 10 secretly keeps a file of such an app making your computer look messy.

  1. Installer Vomit:

Windows 10 is not synonymous with organization. Many of the apps installed are scattered around different folders without hierarchy or any form of organization. This makes the User folder look unkempt. And, if you try to rearrange them, some apps might break.

  1. User Interface Disconnection:

The user interface for Windows 10 looks so substandard compared to that of previous Windows. It reveals information that was synonymous with the early version of Windows.

  1. Slow Boot time:

When you shut down Windows 10, applications and processes are shut down but the Windows kernel itself will only hibernate. The OS is designed this way to enhance boot time and this looks good in theory but users have been found to complain about very slow boot time.

   10.  Windows 10 Pro edition has become less suitable for Small businesses:

This is because Microsoft removes the ability to disable Microsoft Consumer Experience, Windows Tips, Lock screen, and all apps for Windows Store. You’ll have to subscribe to Windows 10 Enterprise or Education editions to be able to do all.

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