How to Add Affiliate Marketing Links to Youtube Videos

Have you ever wondered what was the best way to earn extra income online? There are a lot of ways from blogging, freelancing, creating ebooks and of course for a more visual audience – creating videos on youtube. We’ll be focusing more on youtube videos and how to add affiliate links to youtube videos.

Why Choose Youtube as a Medium for your Content?

Honestly speaking, there are a lot of people who prefer visual aids rather than reading through a long blog post. At the same time, technology nowadays makes it easier for everyone to search and watch videos through social media platforms like youtube. Even making it even accessible on a mobile device.

Ways to Earn Through Your Youtube Video

Specifically for youtube there are three ways we can think of on how an individual can earn.

  • Promoting your own product or service: Pretty much self explanatory, you can talk about your own product on the video inviting them to purchase from your website or contact you directly.
  • Advertisements: Upon reaching a certain number subscribers & a certain number of hours that your video has been watched, you may apply as a youtube partner and have advertisements up on your videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing Links: Promoting a product or service through your video and converting your traffic into affiliate sales commission. Learn more about this below.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business model wherein you advertise a certain product or service using your content. The traffic you generate from your content can be converted into potential customers for your preferred affiliate partner.

Steps to Monetize your Youtube Content:

  • Look for a relevant affiliate partner, something that involves your topic/niche.
  • Register as their partner and create affiliate links that redirects your traffic to their product.
  • Create good content on your medium, in this case youtube videos.
  • Insert your affiliate links on the video.

How to Add Affiliate Marketing Links to Youtube Videos

Now we know what affiliate marketing is, let’s talk about how to add them to your youtube content.

  • Upon creating the video, you must always take into consideration that the main goal is to have the link visited by potential customers.
  • Make sure you discuss the product/service specifications thoroughly with full transparency (Eg. if you’re creating a review for a specific product or service).
  • On the video itself, don’t forget to mention that you have an link and would like your viewers to visit it for further knowledge about the product or service.
  • On the video editing phase in youtube, add tags that can help search engines find your video based on relevance.
  • Don’t forget to add the affiliate link on the description area of your video.


There are a lot of people who use youtube to research a certain product before buying. To make it easier for them to purchase a product, you may provide an affiliate link that redirects them to a trust-worthy online shop. This way, you were able to help your viewers learn more about the product, at the same time earn extra income through affiliate commissions.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Review – What Can It Offer To Affiliates?

9 to 5 academy

If you are on this site, checking this Quit 9 to 5 Academy review, either you have an interest in the Quit 9 to 5 Academy by Mark Ling and want to learn more, or you have received a mail or heard from somebody else about the course, and you wish to understand more.

Why Should You Join in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Course?

The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training is produced by Mark Ling, the self-made internet millionaire who has brought in over a hundred million bucks in net sales. He experiences in the industry has more than a decade and is also a recipient of many business awards throughout the years.

Mark Ling’s Profit Engine was one of the biggest selling net marketing programs that shattered the net in the year 2018. Marks enthusiasm for teaching and training individuals is what makes all his courses highly trusted and worth joining.

There are very handful of on-line programs that can actually offer remarkable value to newbies and advanced media buyers alike. The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training will guide you how to get to your initial $100 days, $500 day and $1000+ day not just by words or fake promises but by actually helping you get your initial sale and many more such sales. Typically what occurs with such an over-promising course is that you get your hands on a large number of preaching philosophy and generic videos were all you get is encouraged but no knowledge “how to,” “when to” and “where to,” you get zero help. That’s precisely why you need to Enrol in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Program because with Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training, the developer is not really creating a training, but he is actually providing you a full-on training on how to DO the REAL thing.

quit 9 to 5 academy

Why Should You Join in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Course?

The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training is produced by Mark Ling, the self-made internet millionaire who has brought in over a hundred million bucks in net sales. He experiences in the industry has more than a decade and is also a recipient of many business awards throughout the years.

Mark Ling’s Profit Engine was one of the biggest selling net marketing programs that shattered the net in the year 2018. Marks enthusiasm for teaching and training individuals is what makes all his courses highly trusted and worth joining.

There are very handful of on-line programs that can actually offer remarkable value to newbies and advanced media buyers alike. The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training will guide you how to get to your initial $100, $500 day and $1000+ day not just by words or fake promises but by actually helping you get your initial sale and many more such sales. Typically what occurs with such an over-promising course is that you get your hands on a large number of preaching philosophy and generic videos were all you get is encouraged but no knowledge “how to,” “when to” and “where to,” you get zero help. That’s precisely why you need to Enrol in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Program because with Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training, the developer is not really creating a training, but he is actually providing you a full-on training on how to DO the REAL thing.

What Actually is Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy is an effective marketing method that lets the individuals create wildly profitable ad campaigns from scratch. If the user is previously established in the area, the course will show the user how to generate more and take the business to the next level. Instead of a course program that stops with a book or a CD, the Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a continually updated system were the maker, Mark Ling will upload new strategies and models into the modules, to make sure that the consumer too can get to know these new methods and use them for growth as opposed to a system that ends after a few success.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Reviews

The user can also get continual encouragement from the Facebook group is exactly where Quit 9 to 5 Academy members can mastermind, post victories and milestones, grow and connect with mentors and peers. Also to further help the students, the inventor, carries out a VIP funnel hacking & master class appointment once a week, Monday at 5:30 pm pst inside the private Facebook group (an exceptional idea for the consumers and well as the developers to learn and develop as well as provide constant support).

Who is Behind Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

mark ling quit 9 to 5 academy
Quit 9 to 5 Academy is created by two of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

One who is previously familiar in the area would not need a special introduction on Mark Ling. For those of you who don’t understand the kind himself, Mark Ling is the Co-founder of Salehoo and an internet millionaire who has generated over a hundred million dollars in net sales. He is self-made and started his life right from scratch. If someone is interested in the field of affiliate marketing or needs to sell a new product online, Mark is the go-to person and the moreover one of the best mentor one can get.

He is the developer behind all the legendary affiliate marketing system such as.

Pathway to Passive.
Traffic Travis.
Profit Engine (no longer available).

Nick Torson.

Nick Torson began in his life as a Floor Installer, he found his 9 to 5 routine not suitable for his life and decided to start a different path with on-line marketing. Which started off as his interest is not helping him earn full time at the coziness of his house. In Addition To Mark Ling, Nick will educate the consumers on how to get this kind of full-time income with on-line marketing.

What is Featured in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Program?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training comes in 6- modules:



Module 1 has a quick but complete guide for the amateurs to ensure they can easily understand and set foot into the world of digital marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How This All Works & What’s In It For You?

Commence On Top – 800 Offer Accounts

Find Your Initial Offer To Market

Model What’s Tested & Previously Working

How To Easily Set Up Your First Money Producing Funnel

The Top secret To Tracking


Model 2 has the basic fundamentals of marketing using facebook and addresses everything from Facebook pixel to how to develop money-making adverts on Facebook.

The Underground Guide To Facebook Advertising
Your Own Private Auction Hunter – The Facebook Pixel
Correct Campaign Structure
Utilizing Existing Page Posts
Creatives (Images/Video) For Your Promotions
Super Affiliate FB Compliance Tricks
Ad Copy (Headlines & Body Text) For Promotions
Phase 1: (Testing New Advertisements).
Developing Your Money Producing Adverts.


Module 3 has a complete study on everything one has to understand about reporting and how to utilize them successfully for understanding your business.

Facebook Analytics.
Deep Dive Into Reporting.
Finding out Your Figures With Reports.
Phase 2 (Validate & Scale).


Module 4 teaches you all about validating an ad that has the potential and how and when to start working on scaling.

How to “Validate” A Winning Ad.
How to Properly “Scale” A Winning Offer.
How To do Manual Bidding.
Manual Bidding Tactics.
The 15-50% Scaling Rule.
What To Do, What Not To Do When Scaling.


Module 5 Shows the users the state-of-the-art marketing techniques such as given below:.

Personalized Audiences.
Getting Started With Messenger.
Messenger Automation.
Growing Your Messenger Target Market.


Module 6 takes you through basics on manual bidding to enhanced manual bidding strategies.

Introduction To Manual Bidding.
Manual Bidding Strategies.
The 20% Scaling Formula.
These modules are well constructed to ensure even someone who has no simple knowledge of affiliate marketing can learn things from scratch. The strategies explained in the module has various tips and tricks on how to, and when to do the right thing when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Who should Try Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

Everybody who’s willing to focus, hustle and stick with the training program. You can be a novice or a specialist either way if you have a passion for advertising and wish to learn from the scratch and get mentored in executing the same then the Quit 9 to 5 Academy course is for you.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Individual Reviews.

We will soon update you with latest reviews once the training program is launched.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses?

Consumers can get 6 Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses after the purchase of the program featuring:

Private Facebook Group.

Weekly Funnel Hacking.

Weekly Master Class Sessions.

Proven Campaign Examples.

Done For You Presell Pages.

Credit Score Techniques.

Credit card scoring always has a tough job, to scale up the business having a decent credit score is mandatory, this is exactly what the inventor will teach you in this bonus.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Cost & Plans.

The price for Quit 9 to 5 Academy is $2500. But, you can easily buy it by paying the full amount in six installments of $499.

We will revise with working Quit 9 to 5 Academy discount coupons, once the system is launched.


As I previously mentioned in this Quit 9 to 5 Academy review, this training program is worth the money you pay. To be taught and mentored by the leading masters of digital marketing is one thing, but then again coming out as one among them and acquiring enough training to get your own company set up is a whole different thing.

We are eagerly looking forward to this much-hyped release and will get back to you soon with more in-depth insider details and the actual working of the training program. Stay tuned!

What type of HTML list will automatically place a number in front of the items?

What type of html list will automatically place a number in front of the items?

When it comes to HTML, some of the most asked questions involve lists. More specifically, list functionality. The most viewed question is “What type of HTML list will automatically place a number in front of the items?“. The answer is quite simple, and we don’t blame you. Knowledge is key after all and knowing HTML has many benefits. Here are ordered lists:

HTML lists that will automatically place a number in front of the items

Ordered Lists:

So what is an ordered list? Basically, there are two major types of lists in HTML. Ordered and Unordered lists both symbolized <ol> and <ul> respectively.
An Ordered list creates an array/list of items numerically numbered as the list increases. For example, a list of five items will contain five numbers from 1 all the way until the end of the list item which would be the fifth so 5. In short, ordered lists numerically assort your list with numerical integers according to first and last.



Unordered lists:

Unordered lists create bullet points instead of numbers at the beginning of the listed items. Most commonly confused for ordered lists, unordered lists subtly sort out lists in a unwary unorganized like manner.


• One
• Two
• Three
• Four
• Five

Types of Ordered Lists:

#1.Alphabetical List

Other than numerical and bullet points used in the latter, ordered lists have a variety of types and formats. These types include the basic alphabetical lettering of list items from a – z the only problem with this type is that it is intended for small lists below 26 items(the number of letters of the alphabet). Otherwise, past ‘z ‘, the 26th letter or in this case, the 26th item, the formatting will reset causing a not so appealing list. Best for unformal type documents, letters and emails. Simple yet old school way of item listing, elementary school nostalgia.

<ol type=”a”>


#2. Roman Numerical

The other type of ordered list is the classic roman numbering. In this list type, the ordered list is numbered using roman letters such as i,ii,iii,iv etc so on and so forth. Unlike the alphabetically ordered lists, the range in which the list can be number is larger than the latter. It’s perfect for formal type documents, emails and business proposals. Neat, formal and quite appealing to the eyes.

<ol type=”i”>


Which list is best to use?

Depending on the individual or task, each listing type services a purpose to certain occasions. For example, if you need a basic shopping list, an unordered bullet point list will be ideal, or say you need a stock inventory list to keep tabs of your company stock then why not roll with an ordered list as you can micromanage and track items according to their numbers.

What Pills Help You Stay Awake | What You Need To Know

What Pills Help You Stay Awake

Don’t you ever wonder how some people make it 24 hours without sleep and still seem active? The use of pills can activate and help you stay awake provided you don’t abuse them.

A lot of discussions have developed following the benefits and the risks that are attached to using pills, but the effects may vary depending on an individual. Here is a list of the type of pills that will help you stay up all night!

Type of Pills Help You Stay Awake

Some of the pills that are used have components that keep you awake any time that you use them. The pills can be administered differently depending on the condition given by an expert after examining your condition.

Caffeine Pills

The use of pills made from caffeine is the most common condition following the fact that caffeine is a strong mild stimulant. When caffeine is used in any pill it reduces the possibility of getting sleepy but doesn’t come to totally replace sleep. You don’t have to struggle with sleep the whole night simply have a nap before heading for a night shift, then take the pills and you have an active night.

Modafinil Pills

Modafinil is a common term for pills to keep you awake. You can limit your sleeping time by using armodafinil which will boost your active time and reduce drowsiness that you may experience. Most of the pills are designed for oral intake hence it’s important to follow every instruction and use them in the right way always. Work closely with your doctor or pharmacist about any side effects that you may experience when using the pill.

Don’t Make Pills a Habit

Since the medication can’t be used to replace sleep, never get in the habit of using them often and they may become ineffective in keeping you awake. Some of the pills may have long or short effects in the body when they are used and this must be made clear before you start using them.  Be careful some of these pills can affect your libido and then you will need tips on getting hard and staying hard.

Are There Withdrawals?

Effects such as the withdrawal reaction can be common when you use the pill often or in extremely high doses. You are likely to suffer unpredictable moods, headache and nervousness after a long period of using the pills these are often common side effects. Age is a factor when using any of the pills that will help you stay awake and may not be recommended for younger people.

You are still going to need to get some sleep, these types of pills are not meant for prolonged use.  Use them cautiously and always speak to a health professional before making changes to your lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of the Digital Nomad Life

All want an independent life. A life where he can do and live the life he wants. The nomadic life is a something that many want to adopt however not all of them could maintain the integrity to achieve it.

Being a digital nomad is a fun and tough at the same time. If you are deciding to become a digital nomad then you should know both the positive and the negative sides of it. This would help you think better of the decision.

The Benefits of Digital Nomads


A digital nomad has some benefits that make it a great choice to lead the life. Some of them are:

  • You will Cultivate Adaptability

A digital nomad’s life is full of experience, and they may be good or bad. However, the most important thing is one has to be in an unsure situation every time. Most of the situation isn’t in the favor of the digital nomad; hence he has to fight the situation in order to survive. This cultivates a quality of adaptability and works with like Adapting a situation isn’t that easy but a digital nomad’s life teaches that to them.

  • Do what You Love

The digital nomad has to work as well but they also have the time to do what they love. The first freedom that they get is to work according to their time so that they can do what they love. Apart from that, they can complete their work before time to do the same. They have lots of times to do the things that they are passionate about.

  • You Would Become Productive

With the hectic corporate life, there is no time to have a productive time. However, with the digital nomad, you can don’t have any time to waste. The news places to explore will constantly motivate you to get the work done as soon as possible to experience the place you are in.

  • Live Different Lives

The digital nomad lives are not restricting to one place. Visiting all the different places and adapting their lives lets you visualize different places and their lifestyle. You are experiencing more than the rest of the world. Every place has its own unique identity and you can witness that by your own eye.

The Drawback of a Digital Nomad

Since everything has two sides of a coin. The digital nomad life has drawbacks too that makes it the things to consider become moving in the digital nomadic life.

  • The Wi-Fi Issue

The life of a digital nomad involves to be working as well but to that do you have to be online. The thing that troubles the most is that the Wi-Fi creates issues frequently. Without the Wi-Fi one is most likely to be going through hell as their lifeline to work will get disrupted.

  • Loneliness

Though the digital nomadic lifestyle is what you have chosen and accepts the fact that you have to be alone. However, there is a time when you will feel lonely. You would wish to have someone by your side. The good times of the past will haunt you and this become unbearable for some.

  • Sometimes Difficult to Make the Ends Meet

The online world isn’t that reliable. If you don’t have a concrete skill or a reliable workplace then you are most likely struggle to bring out your expense for the digital world. You may many times be out of work and without any savings one freaks out. This lifestyle is risky.


The pros and cons, both are the really important thing to consider if you want to become a digital nomad.

WordPress Themes for Technology Business – The Most Ignored Facts

Wordpress themes for technology business

Your company is going to be better for it. Before you can construct a company, you are in need of a product. If you possess business, you want a website to publicize your goods and services online. Then take a look at a sleek WordPress theme which might be acceptable for various types of business.

The themes showcased above will offer you the chance to start fresh when saving you some moment. It has a very easy to navigate design that combines with the awesomeness of its functional core to give you a theme that is bound to make profits within a short period. Rather than purchasing any third-party theme, you should buy a WordPress theme for your site to steer clear of such difficulties. The absolute most important point to look for when deciding on a theme for your WordPress website is to make sure the theme developer has an active support group.

WordPress Themes for Technology Business

The theme is completely responsive and has all of the functions you will need to earn a thriving website for creative agency, creative organization, company, individual, or agency portfolio, product or service selling website and far more. It is very powerful and will help you to set up and run a beautiful website within minutes. Otherwise, you might wind up with a theme that does not have any support or isn’t kept current with WordPress and security problems. You might have a WordPress theme that you’d like to use with AllProWebTools. Since lots of WordPress technology themes are offered on the net, we made a list of the most trustworthy ones. One of our favorites is Thrive themes. Thrive themes comes with a bunch of amazing themes, but this is the best thrive theme.

The theme is excellent for professionals with its modern, responsive design in addition to stunning layouts with a lot of headings and sections. I also love the back-end of their themes, in addition to the shortcodes that their themes arrive bundled with. Due to the fact that they are mainly purchased based on their layout and design the chance that someone would buy the same theme twice is low. If you’re looking for an exceptional WordPress theme with plenty of customization alternatives, try Peony.

When you produce a theme, you decide the way your website is displayed. Themes may have a huge effect on your site speed. For this reason, you should choose the theme with appropriate placement of banners and promotion blocks. Portfolio themes permit you to create a lovely and visual site in order to publicize your work to existing and prospective customers. There’s a broad range of WordPress portfolio themes out there.

You must install WordPress on the local computer before you begin making your theme. WordPress isn’t responsible to make sure it is working at all times on your server. WordPress is among the most popular CMS and it has been delighting its customers from a very long moment. WordPress will let you create a lovely and skilled small business website. WordPress is simpler to utilize Drupal is more difficult to utilize for a non-technical individual. Using WordPress is a handy and efficient option that receives the work done.

How To Clean Junk Files in Windows 7

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About How to Clean Junk Files in Windows 7

When using AOL, you might encounter few errors in it. One of the most typical errors is error 521. This error occurs due to different reasons, here is the entire solution for this issue. Additionally, the registry errors could be fatal towards the complete program and might possibly lead to it to crash or freeze.

Choose the kinds of files you would like to delete and click OK. So if you’re thinking about how to deal with and remove junk files on Windows, we’ve got you covered. Junk files will stay on your computer after a task was performed. You’ll get various other files that are not necessary and this is, in addition, the junk files. Likewise, it’s a good idea to delete the junk files on a normal basis to continue to keep your OS neat and clean. Bearing this in mind, you have to remove those files manually. Temporary Internet files are utilized to accelerate the loading of sites typically.

Introducing How to Clean Junk Files in Windows 7

RegInOut is frequently a thorough software package product or service coupled along with the required equipment necessary for individual computer maintenance. RegInOut is typically a detailed software package product coupled utilizing the important resources essential for computer upkeep. Msconfig is among the absolute most effective built-in Windows programs you may use to accelerate your Windows computer startup and overall Windows performance. The Lord started to move in our hearts 5 years ago to find a sterilization reversal. PC Decrapifier is an easy free portable tool which aims at eliminating junk files of your Windows. A PC tune-up or registry cleaning must correct this dilemma.

Utilize system cleaning computer software. Click Disk Cleanup to begin the program. Now here’s a list of some incredible pc cleaners. In addition, don’t place your PC against the wall.

The Essentials of How to Clean Junk Files in Windows 7 That You Can Benefit From Starting Right Away

Clean your computer case at least at one time annually or more with a can of compressed air that you can purchase from a PC shop. You can take advantage of this product as you would like. Use ignore list, which enables the user to exclude some files which they don’t need to delete. It’s possible to do that very easily with a COMPUTER optimizer software which includes the registry defrag function. You’ll be asked which drive you to need to clean up. Because of this, as soon as you are utilizing the computer lot of days, it creates a whole lot of junk files that is unnecessary but takes space.

The process is undeniably simplified in a couple of primary actions. The disk cleanup computer software analyses and enables you to select what things to remove. The above-mentioned strategies are really strong to boost the speed of any computer system. The chance of viruses rioting disaster on a PC isn’t a new one. Prevention is a great cure. It is the very best cure.

When the cleanup is complete you can see the cleanup history. Should you want, you may also automate Disk Cleanup. At exactly the same time, you can open the Disk Cleanup in several ways by visiting the above-mentioned link.

Where to Find How to Clean Junk Files in Windows 7

Linux is generally immune to the majority of viruses, and it is extremely difficult to get infected by viruses by just surfing the internet, or opening e-mails. Don’t use your computer in an area which is extremely cold ever since your PC wasn’t designed to work in freezing atmosphere. Surely, it is going to produce the PC faster and it’ll get rid of the unnecessary junk files from the image folder.

Below are a few of the greatest free software to speed-up your PC. Offline web pages are files that are created to demonstrate the pages whenever you have slow internet. This informative article explains how to produce and use Windows restore points. Make certain your computer isn’t near a significant heat source like a furnace and there’s lots of free space for your PC to breath. On the flip side, if you’ve got a speedy online connection and would like to free up some space, then it is possible to delete those files. If you’re not certain if you need or don’t want the service, it is better to leave it alone.

The very first method requires users to be somewhat careful when they’re attempting to delete or move junk files in their computers. Switch off your computer or put it to sleep when you’re not using it. After you apply the windows computer for some moment, you might begin to feel that it’s getting slower. By itself, it isn’t the very best system cleaner, but for people who want the other tools too, it’s a great bet. Utilize system restore in Windows when you’ve got a problem that you can’t easily fix.

The Benefits of Learning HTML

The HyperText Markup Language is a cornerstone technology used to create pages on the world wide web. It’s a type of basic web language we need to learn when we start creating our own website as it will help us understand commands. Its associated languages are Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, Javascript, C++, Jquery and a lot more.

When learning about programming languages, we usually start with HTML first before the others because it is kind of a fundamental language. The thought that coding is only for those who want to build a programming career is not true. Everyone can benefit from learning basic coding. Here are some of the benefits of learning HTML:

HTML is Easy to understand and use

We think programming and creating web pages is very technical and complicated. Not the case of HTML. It is fortunately simple and easy to use and understand. If you have a website on your own, knowing HTML is very useful when your site needs some web designs and updates, that is if you enjoy doing it yourself or you do not want to hire a programmer.

HTML Supported by most browsers

Most browsers support or can read HTML than any other programming language. Programmers usually optimize the website for the most popular browsers, which is another benefit when you learn HTML. If you’re interested in learning how to program, you become part of General Assemby’s free coding bootcamp in Chicago.

HTML is Search engine friendly

HTML is friendliest to search engines than any web programming language. Search engine crawlers find it easy to access and read HTML, hence crawling and load time are reduced. The result, a better-performing website.

Used for search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

HTML can create links called Hyper Text Links or Anchor Links, which are very essential in SEO. The SEO space also relies on back links, and the HTML language helps create those.

HTML is used in affiliate marketing, to place codes in advertisements on web pages where codes check the affiliate ID. You can likewise change the codes, like their color and size. Knowing HTML gives you the freedom to do a lot of things.

Similar to XML

HTML works very well with Extensible Markup Language which is used for storing data. They have the same syntax and so working between them is seamless and easy.

Gives you control over your website

HTML is about the structure of your website since it outlines the contents of the page. You use HTML to print a text, title, paragraph or a box. CSS is about design and layout.  It dictates how should letters or other elements should look like. Understanding HTML paired with CSS gives you the power to do a lot of stuff on your website. You can insert words to the content, tweak colors for your brand name or include links or social media buttons. Your knowledge can rock your website.

You can work well with developers

Having a basic understanding of HTML gives you the idea of what is possible for your website, especially if you are coordinating with developers. Your demands will be more realistic as you are able to understand the scope of technical tasks. It reduces misunderstanding and friction between you and the development team.

What is HTML?

HyperText Markup Language or HTML is a computer language designed to create websites, which can be viewed on the internet. It was first developed in 1990 by an English computer scientist and engineer, Sir Timothy John Berner-Lee.

HTML is a powerful language that is easy to learn and accessible to most people. It is always changing to meet the requirements and demands of the growing internet population under the 1994-founded web standards group, the World Wide Web consortium or W3C, which is in charged with maintaining and designing the language.

HyperText is the way we can move around on the web. Clicking on hyperlinks brings us to another page. It is hyper and not linear, allowing us to go to any place on the net without any set order. HTML tags markup the text inside them. For instance, they mark it as italicized, underlined or bold.

HTML consists of text-file typed short codes called tags. When viewed through a browser, HTML is read, translated into a visible form and rendered as intended. To write our own HTML, we need to correctly use tags to come up with your vision. Creating HTML pages only requires a text editor, whether it is a simple editor or a powerful and graphical one. This is how it looks like:




<title>Sample HTML</title>




<p> This is a paragraph.</p>





HTML tags

The tags, or the words between angle brackets are what differentiate HTML from a plain text. These tags tell the browser what to render, performing different tasks. They are invisible on web pages and only show the effects. The following are examples of formatting texts:

<b> This sentence is bold. </b>

<i> This one is italic. </i>

Styles and Cascading Style Sheet

Different styles are applied to an HTML document to control the way its elements are presented on the pages. The cascading style sheet or CSS is a file that contains all the styling applied to the elements of an HTML file, making them more accessible.

This is how a style is applied to an HTML element:

<h1 style=”color: green;”> This is the main heading and is colored green. </h1>

When using a CSS, the HTML document specifies the CSS file instead of using the style tag:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./styles.css”/>

Inside the file styles.css, a line can look like this:

h1 { color: green; }

We can compare HTML as the bones or structure of a web page, while CSS as its skin or appearance.


Javascript is a programming language that lets us apply complex stuff on web pages, adding much power to the fundamental HTML. When we see a web page that does a lot of things instead of just sitting there with static information, we know that Javascript is involved. Javascript makes it possible to display animated graphics, videos, updates, interactive maps and many more to web pages.

Javascript provides the basic interaction and special effects to HTML. In standard web technologies, the Javascript is the third layer, following HTML and CSS. Using all these three technologies together gives us a lot of power at our disposal.